Braces at Affordable Prices

  • 1st Consultation with Dr Coetzee – R550.oo once off
  • Deposit Once Treatment Commences – R2000.00 once off
  • Monthly Treatment Fee – R1000.00 per month for 18 months
  • Total Cost for Orthodontic Treatment is R20 000
  • A 7% discount is applicable on orthodontic treatments paid upfront and in full

It is important to realize that orthodontic treatment is an investment that will last a lifetime. The benefits of braces far outweigh the costs. The increased self-confidence, benefits of improved access to clean your teeth, and better function of a proper bite are some of the main benefits of having straight teeth.

Most people pursue orthodontic treatment for one simple reason – to have a beautiful smile.

In addition to improving aesthetics, orthodontic treatment is also responsible for improving dental function. Having good dental function means the teeth and jaws are aligned and coordinated in such a way that they are in the best possible position to accomplish chewing, talking, or moving your teeth from side to side. Proper dental function creates balanced forces on your teeth when you use them, which promotes the longevity of the teeth, gums, and surrounding bone. This can also reduce the incidence of habits such as grinding or clenching, the formation of abnormal wear patterns on your teeth, or the development of headaches and facial pain.

Factors that may increase orthodontic treatment cost are adult patients, ceramic braces, invisible braces, patients involving a lengthy treatment time, or treatments with a high degree of complexity. There are various components that go into calculating the final fee. Though fees may not always be broken down by category, there is usually a fee for diagnostic records, treatment and retention appliances.

The good news is that we will work with you to make it affordable and accommodate your needs with flexible payment plans that fit within your budget. We are professionals who care about increasing access to dental care across the board. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile

If you require orthodontic treatment or braces simply contact Dr Derek Coetzee by completing the contact us form.